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Santa's sleigh will be powered by drones


Best Buy has formed a retail partnership with the manufacturer of what is expected to be one of the hottest selling items in consumer electronics this holiday season.

The retailer is teaming up with Yuneec International to offer the Typhoon drone series, which includes the Typhoon Q500 4K and Typhoon G multicopters, as well as the Typhoon Wizard, a new ultra-lightweight remote control drone.

“We are excited to be launching a partnership with the country’s largest and most recognizable consumer electronics retail chain,” said Shan Phillips, CEO of Yuneec USA. “Yuneec offers options for every type of drone pilot or photographer with the Typhoon 4K, Typhoon G, and Typhoon Wizard, and the Best Buy partnership is perfect timing for us to introduce our best-in-class drones to consumers across the country.”

Around one million of the popular buzzing devices known as drones could be given as presents over the holidays this year, a Federal Aviation Administration official said at a recent conference, according to Aviation Week.

Sam’s Club and Walmart both plan to stock their locations with roughly a dozen different models of consumer drones ahead of this year’s holiday season, according to The Wall Street Journal.

To ensure Typhoon drones are safe for consumers, Yuneec says its drones include features such as Geo-Fencing, Speed Control, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home, FAA No Fly, Follow Me and Watch Me.

“Yuneec drones are not only easy and ready to fly, but we guarantee a high level of safety that is perfect for both beginners and experienced drone pilots,” said Phillips. “For example, when you are finished flying, the pilot simply uses Dynamic Return Home, and the drone will automatically land between 13 to 26 feet of the ST10+ Personal Ground Station remote control.”

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