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Samsung injects innovation into retail display


Beginning in July, Samsung intends to make a splash in retail stores with a high-tech appliance display called CenterStage. The new concept showcases Samsung’s portfolio of appliances in what it calls “an ultra-realistic and life-size display with an intuitive touch-screen interface.”

More than just whiz bang technology, the idea is grounded in consumer data. According to Samsung research, consumers find appliance shopping confusing and uncomfortable. Thirty-six percent are overwhelmed by too many choices, and 77 percent say the current in-store experience doesn’t provide enough product information.

“By blending the physical with the digital, we are transforming the way consumers experience our products and making it much easier for them to shop for appliances,” said Yoon C. Lee, VP, Samsung Electronics. “With retail floors getting more and more cluttered, CenterStage offers virtual access to every Samsung home appliance on the market with an immersive UHD display, engaging graphics, and clear explanations of product features and benefits. It’s a one-stop-shop for all appliance needs, and we believe it will appeal to consumers by enhancing and making their home appliance shopping experience easier than ever.

CenterStage is designed with in-depth product details and explanation of features. Consumers can actually envision what Samsung’s products will look like in their homes, according to the company. In addition, an intuitive and user-friendly touch-screen interface has been integrated to leverage people’s familiarity with smartphone gestures and interactions.

The retail display also allows consumers to imagine how the appliances will look in their homes through the “scene selector” feature, which populates the specified product and color options into a range of kitchen and laundry room settings — from modern to Mediterranean.

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