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Safeway's Canada stores launch annual Easter Seals, Special Olympics campaign


CALGARY — Safeway's Canada stores have launched an annual fundraising campaign designed to benefit Easter Seals and the Special Olympics.

During April, the company's 215 Safeway stores across western Canada will raise funds for organizations that are at the forefront of providing assistance, training, therapy and social outlets for the thousands of people who live with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Since its first campaign in 2008, Safeway's Canada operations has raised more than $4.36 million to benefit these programs. In 2011, Canada Safeway contributed to a broad range of charitable and community programs and donated more than $19 million to hunger relief, support for people with disabilities, health and human services and cancer research.

"Assisting people with special needs of all kinds has long been a Safeway priority," said Canada Safeway president and COO Chuck Mulvenna said. "As a company that proudly employs hundreds of people with disabilities, Canada Safeway directly benefits from the incredible work of these organizations and is committed to contributing to their success and increasing their outreach."

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