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Safeway extends Colo. union workers contract


Denver Safeway said late Thursday that it has agreed to extend its unionized Colorado grocery workers’ labor contract until June 26. The decision comes only a week after King Soopers’ union workers were denied their contract extension.

The employees, who are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 7, have been working without a contract since May 9. The contract has been extended twice since its expiration date as the two sides continue to disagree on wages, pension benefits and a pay scale that gives newer employees less pay and fewer benefits.

Last week, the union sought a contract extension on behalf of the workers it represents at King Soopers, a division of The Kroger Co. The union asked for an unconditional 10-week extension, which would override an original deadline set to expire on May 30. The request was denied, and now the King Soopers employees continue to work without a contract.

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