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RSR launches self-assessment tool for omni-channel maturity


Austin, Texas -- Retail Systems Research (RSR) today launched the RSR Omni-channel Maturity Survey, an online self-assessment tool that helps retailers determine where they are on the road to omni-channel maturity. Sponsored by Starmount, the survey enables retailers to understand the traits of today’s omni-channel leaders and the technology infrastructure that is required for omni-channel retailing.

It allows retailers to benchmark their omni-channel progress against best-in-class performers and provides recommendations on how to successfully reach the next level of omni-channel maturity. The free self-assessment survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is comprised of six sections: customer, product, inventory, order/fulfillment, locus (the harmonization of the digital and physical worlds), and technology. Individual survey responses are kept confidential. At the end of the survey, retailers will receive a comprehensive and personalized analysis of their results and recommendations and an email copy to share with colleagues.

"Omni-channel retailing is arguably the hottest topic in retail today, yet omni-channel excellence is a goal that eludes most retailers," said Brian Kilcourse, managing partner, RSR. "Retailers must redesign their operating model and invest in numerous systems in order to deliver true omni-channel excellence, and RSR's Omni-channel Maturity Survey provides a roadmap to help them get there. RSR is excited to introduce this landmark self-assessment tool in partnership with Starmount."

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