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Rose Displays Introduces Snap-In Wall Hangers to Expand Display Options


Salem, Mass. Salem, Mass.–based Rose Displays, Ltd., a leading provider of signware solutions to retailers worldwide, has introduced the Snap-In Wall Hanger and Snap-In Off-The-Wall Hanger, new clips that expand options for hanging signware directly from, or slightly off, walls.

With the new hangers, graphic holders that previously could be hung only from the ceiling can now be mounted directly to the wall. In addition, the Snap-In Off-The-Wall version allows wall-mounted holders to be hung away from the wall for a wider variety of hanging styles and to create a dimensional, layered look.

The new Snap-In Wall Hanger consists of a metal bracket that screws directly into the wall, plus a clip that snaps onto the graphic holder. The Snap-In Off-The-Wall version affixes to the wall in a similar way, but this product features an arm attached to the mounting hardware on one end and the clip on the other. A hardware kit is included with the hangers.

Snap-In Wall Hangers are available in silver to match or discreetly compliment most graphic holders. These hangers can be used to display a wide array of substrates with the exception of 3/16” substrates or other thick materials such as foamboard.

For additional information about Rose Displays products or to request the company’s IdeaBook, call 800-631-9707 or visit

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