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Roots, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto

Roots has debuted a new experiential format that brings the iconic Canadian sportswear brand's heritage to life.

Roots' founders, Michael Budman and Don Green, are passionate about the outdoors, camping and Canada, and all three are reflected in the brand's new 5,100-sq.-ft. store, at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. The design of the space alludes to an open, modern cabin that showcases Roots' heritage and culture.

Designed in collaboration with CallisonRTKL, the store several different experiences, including a dedicated leather customization workshop where shoppers can witness firsthand the handcrafted process that Roots' products go through. Using a digital design interface, shoppers can also customize their own products, adding a personal spin to their items.

Other features include an enhanced fitting room lounge where shoppers can relax while taking in images and artifacts from Roots’ past. Each of the fitting rooms has a different outdoor theme. Music brings life to the store through DJ areas and space for live performances.

“While working with CallisonRTKL designers, Roots meticulously showcased everything that makes their brand enduring and vital," said CRTKL VP Cindi Kato. "The space is a true reflection of Roots' commitment to the best representations of Canadian heritage, natural beauty, craftsmanship and integrity."
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