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Rocky Mountain Chocolate and Cold Stone Creamery Try Co-Branding


Denver Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Cold Stone Creamery entered a tentative co-branding agreement to determine if their products will complement each other, the companies announced Wednesday.

The two companies have 90 days to decide if they want to pursue a definitive agreement.

Under the deal, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Cold Stone Creamery will co-brand their products in seven franchised stores: three Rocky Mountain stores and four Cold Stone Creamery stores.

“We are delighted to have the possibility to enter into a co-branding test with Cold Stone Creamery,” Bryan Merryman, COO of Rocky Mountain Chocolate said in a statement. “A number of our franchisees in other markets have been successful in offering ice-cream products on their store menus.”

If the co-branding is successful, the two companies will discuss more extensive licensing agreements in the future.

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