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Rockers lend voices to Best Buy's @15 'TSAs'


MINNEAPOLIS Best Buy unveiled two new “Teen Service Announcements” featuring American rock artists 3 Doors Down and Hinder at @15 is Best Buy's new teen-led social change platform to give teens a voice and give them opportunities to direct the company's philanthropy through the newly-created @15 Fund.

"We started this band when I was 15 ... and [we were] 15 when we wrote a lot of our hits," stated Brad Arnold, lead vocalist for 3 Doors Down. "I wrote the lyrics to those songs in high school algebra class. My advice to any teenager would be live today like it's not coming back, because it's not--aim for your future and start it now."

Like a traditional PSA, the @15 TSAs are short, unscripted videos that share the collective thoughts and experiences of teens and former teens. Over the next several months, the @15 Web site, along with its social networking pages and YouTube channel, will feature messages from teens engaged in Best Buy programs, celebrities, musicians and members of Congress.

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