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Rivet Works aims to turn brands into social hubs


As companies increasingly turn to user-generated content (UGC) to promote their products, Rivet Works has announced its launch as the first content marketing software designed to boost active engagement between people and their favorite brands.

“Customer experience has emerged as the leading driver of commerce, and is positioned to have an ever-increasing influence on buying decisions,” said Michael Svatek, CEO and co-founder of Rivet. “We know that user-generated content is a strategy that not only connects a company to its market, but potential customers with experienced customers, building trust, inspiring purchase, and creating online community.”

Recent research reveals that 84 percent of millennials say UGC influences what they buy, and that using social content increases click-throughs on a call to action by 22 percent.

Rivet says brands should be putting the voices of their fans and their content at the heart of their marketing, so that the website becomes as much a reflection of how people are incorporating brands and their products into their lives as it is a place to consume brand-generated content. Layering interactive experiences into the website, designed to engage people with content and share it with their friends, helps turn brand sites into true social hubs.

Rivet says its cloud-based platform captures the experience of the consumer by individualizing user-generated content marketing programs to produce thought-provoking and experiential content. With easy integration and implementation across both mobile and web channels, Rivet drives customer engagement, promotes brand awareness, enhances brand loyalty and increases conversion rates.

Rivet Works started out in early 2013 as mobile marketing firm Together Mobile by Mike Svatek and Benjamin Lail in Austin, Texas.

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