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Rite Aid wishes customers a ‘Happy You Year’


Rite Aid wants to ring in the New Year with more sales and is counting on a generous new seasonal savings and rewards initiative.

The company has announced it is offering its wellness+ loyalty program members the opportunity to receive lifestyle and entertainment rewards for every $50 spent in stores on participating products now through Jan. 24.

“We wanted to offer something special to our most loyal customers — wellness+ members — as we enter the new year, as a way to thank them for their business,” said John Learish, Rite Aid’s SVP of marketing. “By participating in ‘Happy You Year,’ our customers have the opportunity to earn a reward of their choosing, and with rewards ranging from an evening out with the family to a fitness class or a day at the salon, there’s something for everyone.”

To participate, wellness+ members can look for the red "Buy & Earn" symbol on store shelves. Once wellness+ members purchase $50 of qualifying products, they will receive a Unique Reward Code on the bottom of their register receipts. Customers can make multiple visits and purchases to reach reward thresholds of $50, $100, $150, $200 and $250; they will get a new code at each threshold, up to a total of five. The codes may be used individually or added together to redeem for bigger and better rewards.

More than 16,000 products are eligible for rewards, including:

  • OTC medications including allergy, cold and pain relief

  • Skin care, cosmetics and beauty products including nail polish and fragrances

  • Hair products including shampoo, hair dryers, accessories, shavers and trimmers

  • Household supplies such as air fresheners, laundry detergent, paper towels and pet food

  • Vitamins and supplements

  • Food and beverages

Reward items will include a free round of mini golf, exercise classes, beauty treatments, personal training sessions, movie tickets, hotel stays and more.

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