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Rite Aid implements medication disposal program


Camp Hill, Pa. — Rite Aid is working with Sharps Compliance to help customers dispose of unused medications, the retailer said Monday.

Customers can buy a Sharps Compliance medication-disposal envelope at a Rite Aid store for $3.99, place unused prescription or over-the-counter drugs inside and then send it via the U.S. Postal Service to the incinerator.

“For years, Rite Aid has participated in community medication take-back events organized by local health officials and law-enforcement agencies,” Rite Aid senior VP pharmacy Dan Miller said. “Our customers often ask how to dispose of medication. By making these envelopes available in our stores, we’re offering an easy and safe disposal solution for customers looking to safely dispose of expired, unused or unwanted medications.”

Rite Aid said the envelopes are available at all Rite Aid stores except for those in Maine, where another program is available. Last March, Sharps Compliance teamed up with the National Community Pharmacists Association to offer member pharmacies discounted services for the Sharps TakeAway Environmental Return System.

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