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Interior build-outs in the retail sector can be some of the most expensive construction projects, with cost per unit area far exceeding that of an exterior build. They are also often more logistically complex. For example, the coordination of all the different trades and the delivery of materials, fixtures and products can be challenging, but it is key to ensuring quality, containing costs and avoiding delays.

Construction cameras can help project managers reducing the complexity and increase efficiency of build-outs. The ability to remotely monitor, document, and review progress at any time and from any location simplifies managing virtually every facet of an interior project. And by serving the interests of the array of project stakeholders, the potential return on investment is compelling.

Here are some of the benefits of using a construction camera for interior build-outs — as well as exterior ones:

Remote monitoring optimizes travel to the jobsite: Designers, vendors, project managers and owners all need to stay abreast of what’s happening. Every visit to the jobsite, however, adds to the cost of the job in terms of both time and money. Construction web-cams reduce these costs by providing 24/7 remote jobsite visibility. Stakeholders can view the jobsite in real time, review images that document every moment of the build-out, and watch up-to-date time-lapse movies to track sequencing of events. Teams that are far from the site and from each other can monitor progress and quality and easily communicate any issues among themselves and with crews on the ground.

Errors can be caught and corrected early: Even with close attention to detail, mistakes happen. With so many eyes on the project, however, they’re more likely to be discovered and corrected early. For example, a construction camera used on the interior build for a mobile device retailer allowed a remote project team member to see that power outlets were being installed at the wrong height for incoming fixtures. The error was quickly corrected, avoiding the delays and costs of having the installation crew on-site but not be able to work.

Tracking progress facilitates just-in-time delivery: Workspaces on interior projects can be hectic and crowded, with several trades — each with several crew members — all working at once. The risk of accidental damage to building materials, fixtures and product is minimized when they’re not on-site until needed.

Regular progress monitoring via a construction webcam allows planners to schedule deliveries and coordinate installation according to the pace of the project. This not only protects materials — and workers — it also makes for a neater, more efficient workspace.

Visual documentation enhances transparency and communication: When all stakeholders and decision-makers have access to the same information — the same images and time-lapse movies — issues and inquiries get resolved faster. This goes a long way in avoiding delays and keeping the project on schedule. For a retailer whose new store might do thousands of dollars of sales per day, opening on time, even ahead of schedule, is an appealing value proposition.

Chandler McCormack is president of OxBlue, which provides construction webcam solutions, including a high-resolution interior construction camera designed specifically for retail projects.

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