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Ridemakerz/M&M’s World New York


A new concept in experiential retailing, Ridemakerz offers an immersive and playful environment where kids from 6 to 106 can build their own customized toy cars and trucks. The design is automobile-inspired, combining elements of an auto showroom, parts store, custom body shop and a car show. There are seven zones in the 3,000-sq.-ft. space; each one has its own specific role in the car-making process. The decor has a larger-than-life feel, with 3-D fixtures and dynamic visuals. From the high-impact “hero car” graphics to the black-and-white checkered flooring with embedded messaging, Ridemakerz is fun from the word “go.”

The M&M’s brand takes on Manhattan’s Times Square in a 25,000-sq.-ft. glass box that boasts three levels of interactive attractions and one-ofa-kind gifts and souvenirs—not to mention 72 different variations of its namesake confection. Featuring two enormous video screens on the exterior, the all-glass storefront allows the colorful interior to serve as billboard and beacon for the famous brand.

Inside, the design reflects the fun, color and character of M&M’s. Shapes throughout the space are consistently curved to recall the uniquely rounded candy. Signature displays, cabinetry and furniture are smooth, glossy and as seamless to the touch as possible and done in the classic M&M’s colors. Larger-than-life replicas of M&M’s brand characters are fashioned with a distinctly New York twist.

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