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Ricola to offer new product with energy boost


Ricola, a manufacturer of herb drops, on Wednesday announced the introduction of Revitalizing Herb Drops, which work to restore energy. The drops contain a powder-filled center with B-vitamins to help give consumers a natural boost when they have a cough or cold, the company said.

By adding Vitamin B we've created a truly unique herb drop that provides soothing relief and a naturally effective energy boost to help people get through their busy work day, even when they're not feeling well," says Joahne Carter, VP marketing and innovation at Ricola. "Our Revitalizing Herb Drops offer natural relief because they're created from the same blend of Swiss alpine herbs that we have been using for the past 80 years."

Available in a lemon zest flavor, Ricola's Revitalizing Herb Drops are now available at major retailers for a suggested retail price of $3.29 for an 18-count pack.

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