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RetailMeNot upgrades apps, adds functionality


The world’s largest digital coupon marketplace,, has introduced new functionality and platform integration capabilities to its popular service with the launch of version 3.0 of its iOS and Android coupons app.

One key benefit of the upgrade involves connectivity between the iOS and Android apps and customers’ desktop accounts so digital coupons can be more readily saved and shared between devices, according to the company. Another new feature is bookmarking capability so that favorite stores can be more quickly accessed from the RetailMeNot coupon app home screen. The company also contends that the app is sleeker and redesigned to improve navigation and more effectively highlight retailers, favorite stores and top digital coupons.

“More retailers are turning to RetailMeNot as a source for foot traffic into their brick and mortar stores, and our updated app will help them turn mobile offers into in-store sales,” said Cotter Cunningham, CEO and founder of RetailMeNot. “Consumers know that using the RetailMeNot Coupons app helps them save money when they are out in the real world hunting for savings so they can buy more of the things they need. These improvements to the app will continue as we provide more relevant deals to consumers in the coming months and years."

According to the company, its app has been downloaded more than 4.5 million time and offers location based digital coupons for thousands of stores at more than 1,100 geo-fenced general shopping and outlet malls.

Founded in 2006 on the premise of helping consumer save money and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience, RetailMeNot’s Web Site had 450 million unique visitors in 2012. The company completed a public stock offering in July of this year.

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