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Retailers give shoe shoppers a run for their money


Footwear retailer sales could be in for a “Boost” this spring thanks to a pricy introduction from Adidas backed by some big name athletes and a bold marketing claim.

Adidas contends its new Ultra BOOST shoe is “the greatest running shoe ever,” and for $180 it better be. It goes on sale next month in time for the Spring running season.

To unveil the shoe the company employed an interesting buzz-generating branding strategy that involved bringing top athletes to New York to mingle with special guests at a secret location. Athletes such as Jamaican sprinter Johan Blake, Spanish soccer player David Villa and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins were on hand at the event to participate in live testing of the Ultra BOOST shoes using technology developed by NASA.

Playing on athletes’ desire for superior comfort, style and performance, Adidas claims Ultra BOOST, “intuitively adjusts to a runner's stride delivering the unrivalled Energy Return of BOOST, superior support and adaptive comfort over hundreds of kilometres, in virtually any environment.”

"To answer the world's athletes' call for more Energy we aimed to create the greatest running shoe ever and we've done exactly that with Ultra BOOST," said Eric Liedtke, Adidas Executive Board Member. "Adidas has raised the industry standard with BOOST and will continue blazing a path in Energy Running for those who dare to follow."

"Each technology featured in Ultra BOOST was built to complement each other providing energized adaptability through a customized fit, look and feel," said Ben Herath, Vice President of Design for adidas Running. "While we've taken innovation to the next level, the sleek silhouette of Ultra BOOST is built to look as good as it performs."

The shoes will be available at beginning Feb. 11, and at select retailers beginning Feb. 25.

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