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Retailers with the best return policies—and the worst


When it comes to return policies, Nordstrom and Forever 21 couldn’t be further apart.

At least that’s according to an annual survey of return policies by The study rated Nordstrom as offering the best return policies of 2015, with Forever 21 offering the worst.

“Return policies should be a big consideration for holiday shoppers — two-thirds of people return at least one holiday gift,” said Elyssa Kirkham, lead reporter on the GOBankingRates study.

The survey noted many of the best return policies include a satisfaction guarantee. Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, and Costco all have policies that allow them to even refund, exchange or replace used items if it keeps a customer happy

GOBankingRates ranked return policies from major retailers based on six key factors that make returns easy and customer-friendly, identifying the top 10 with the best policies and the top five with the worst. Here are its rankings:

Best Return Policies:

1. Nordstrom

2. L.L.Bean

3. Bed Bath & Beyond

4. J.C. Penney

5. Costco

6. Staples

7. Zappos

8. REI

9. Macy’s

10. Kohl’s

Worst Return Policies:

1. Forever 21

2. Kmart

3. Barnes & Noble

4. GameStop

5. Sears

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