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Report: Poor tablet experience impacts purchase willingness


New York – Almost eight-in-10 (77%) of consumers report that having a poor or unsatisfying experience while trying to use a website on their tablet will affect their willingness to purchase from that brand. Other tablet research from omni-channel commerce technology provider Useablenet shows that 70% of consumers say that the quality of photography and design of a tablet site influences their decision on whether to purchase

In addition, more than 72% of consumers say that they use their tablet primarily at home, either while watching TV or in bed at night. Only 27% say that they take it everywhere, either for entertainment or work. Interestingly, U.S. consumers take their tablets outdoors more than U.K. consumers, who typically use their tablets at home. Useablenet analysis indicates this could be due to the higher availability of Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G technology in the U.S.

The top use cases of tablets for consumers include researching products before buying online (66%), watching videos and browsing photos (63%), checking prices and looking up store information (63%), reading ratings and reviews (54%) and browsing products and building shopping lists for later purchases (51%).

In addition, 61% of surveyed brands believe their customers want a tablet browsing experience that is consistent with the desktop, but optimized for tablet, while 28% think that consumers prefer a tablet experience similar to the smartphone. Ten percent believe that speed and convenience are the only factors that matter to tablet consumers, and 28% of surveyed retailers report that they have created a tablet-specific app and another 20% say they are planning one.

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