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Report: Mobile shopping to grow during holiday season


Boston -- A new survey by website technology company Modapt and communications firm Morrissey & Co., evaluating mobile phone users’ holiday shopping habits and plans, found that more than half of respondents are making purchases using their mobile devices. Nearly one quarter of those surveyed have used mobile devices in the past to purchase holiday gifts.

The results also show that during the holiday season:

  • Fifty-six percent of respondents had made a purchase from their mobile phone;

  • Fifty-eight percent of respondents will use their mobile phone to compare prices while shopping;

  • Forty-eight percent will use their mobile phone to find store locations that carry the products they seek; and

  • Ninety percent of those who had made a mobile purchase said that convenience was a major factor, and 47% said ease of use was a primary reason they had made a purchase.

In addition, 66% of the mobile users said they will be enticed to use their phones to make purchases if retailers offer mobile incentives, and 46% said better price offers would convince them to make a mobile purchase.

“Consumers are more likely to do their shopping via mobile when it is convenient and when there are good incentives,” said Mark Lederhos, co-founder and CEO of Modapt. “Responsive retailers will respond in turn by making their mobile sites more enticing, easy to use and accessible, and by offering unique content and deals.”

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