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Report: Merchandisers seek speed in applications


Walnut Creek, Calif. – Retail merchandisers are expressing a pragmatic need for speed in future merchandising applications. According to a new study from RSR Research, “Merchandising Today: Benchmark 2013, 28%” top-performing retail “winners” are already investigating simplifying their IT environments with cloud-based merchandising technology.

In contrast, only 13% of underperforming retail “laggards” are investigating cloud-based merchandising systems. More than 50% of underperforming retailers see themselves spending their next three to five years just trying to get away from home-grown applications. Half of them (27%) in an effort to move toward point solutions and the other half (27%) trying to get towards an integrated suite.

RSR Research concludes that winners have moved on from home-grown merchandising applications while laggards are letting them inhibit technological progress.

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