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Report: Meijer focuses on apparel


Grand Rapids. Mich. – Meijer is reportedly focusing on making its apparel, footwear and accessories assortment more appealing to fashion-conscious customers. According to the Detroit News, Meijer is taking steps including redesigning its stores, hiring outside consultants and launching a multimedia marketing campaign to improve the appeal of apparel and related categories.

Existing and new stores (Meijer has previously announced it will build 10-15 new stores a year) will feature taller walls between departments and large wall graphics. In addition, Meijer is utilizing social networks including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a Meijer Style website with commentary from fashion bloggers.

Meijer is focusing on providing higher quality merchandise while retaining discount prices. The company expects it will take about a year to fully implement the program.

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