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Report: Measuring ROI biggest Twitter challenge for brands

Atlanta – Close to half (45.1%) of brands reported that ‘measuring ROI and results’ is their greatest challenge when using the Twitter platform for marketing, followed by ‘building an audience’ (42.1%) and ‘engagement’ (36.8%). According to a new survey from Social Media Marketing University (SMU), 65% of brands say that Twitter is an effective marketing tool, while 30.6% are undecided.

Other notable findings include:

• 96.2% of brands using Twitter as a marketing tool report having challenges using the platform to achieve specific goals.

• 16.9% of brands are not aware that Twitter offers paid services and 34.7% are not currently interested in using Twitter’s paid services.

• Despite the popularity of video marketing, Vine remains underutilized with just 2.4% of brands using the feature on a regular basis.

• Most brands using Twitter as a marketing tool do so to increase brand awareness (79.4%).

• Brands are using Twitter predominantly to create engagement during events (62.4%), build relationships with influencers (62.4%) and monitor brand mentions (58.4%).

“Social media has become a significant play in the marketing world, so much so that brands are almost forced to leverage it, even if they are unsure of its value,” said John Souza, founder of Social Media Marketing University. “The challenge for marketers will be to solidify best practices to measure ROI on all social media platforms as they face increased pressure from the C-Suite. Additionally, as Twitter banks on the success of its paid services, it will be critical for the platform to provide resources and support to help brands navigate this challenge.”
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