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Report: Kroger to build 11 new stores in Indiana


The Kroger Co. is continuing to invest in its footprint in 2015, this time with plans to build 11 new stores and remodel 22 existing stores in the Indianapolis area, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Kroger will spend $464.6 million in a four-year plan that actually started in 2014.

The plan includes constructing seven 125,000-sq.-ft. Kroger Marketplace stores in Fishers, Franklin and Indianapolis counties. Those stores will cost $141 million and create 1,350 permanent jobs.

In addition, Kroger will build four new 75,000-sq.-ft. stores, remodel 17 existing stores and expand five existing stores. In total, the retailer expects to create 3,440 new permanent jobs through these activities.

Other plans Kroger has for the Indianapolis area include opening 16 gas stations and a training center, as well as remodeling 22 pharmacies.

“Kroger has remained very competitive in the marketplace because we recognize the critical importance of investing in stores with features appropriate to the 21st century marketplace and evolving customer expectations,” said Jeff Burt, president of Kroger's central division.

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