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Report: J. Crew Plans Men's Stand-Alone Store


New York City, J. Crew Group revealed plans for the company’s first stand-alone men’s store, according to the Daily News Record.

“We’re taking a more-leadership role in men’s wear," Chairman and CEO Millard Drexler told the publication. "We think it’s an important opportunity in the marketplace. We’ve done it with women’s wear and accessories, and we’re trying to make the same impact in men’s over the next year or so.”

"We have no location yet, but we know we can articulate J. Crew Men’s in its own store and express it in its own environment,” Drexler added.

The company has just started searching for a site and has no timetable on when the first store will open.

The report said the idea for a men’s-only store came from the success the company has had merchandising men’s wear on separate floors in some of its larger stores.

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