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Report: Heavy digital coupon users shop more, spend more than average shopper


Mountain View, Calif. -- Consumers who use digital coupons both shop more and spend more than the average shopper. According to the "Digital Coupon Redeemer: Shopper Trends" report, heavy digital coupon users shop 47% more often than the average shopper, spending $6,081 annually on groceries and household goods alone – a 114% more than the national average.

"Digital coupons continue to help drive revenue for our retailers and CPG partners," said Steven Boal, president and CEO, "Coupons are key to influencing shopping behavior and keeping products and brands top of mind. For retailers, the data demonstrates that shoppers who are using digital coupons are incredibly high-value customers who will not only buy more, but will revisit the retailer more often."

The study divided consumers into three categories: all shoppers, digital coupon shoppers and heavy digital coupon shoppers. Digital coupon shoppers are defined as consumers that use at least one coupon per year, while heavy digital coupon shoppers are defined as those that use 90+ coupons annually. Within each of these categories, the study analyzed the frequency of shopping trips and the average basket price per trip.

In addition to making more frequent shopping trips and spending more on grocery and household items annually, heavy digital coupon users are also spending more each time they shop. The average shopper spends $41.17 per shopping trip while heavy digital coupon users spend $63.97, underscoring their value to retailers.

"Through this report, we see clearly that heavy digital coupon users are not only shopping more and spending more, they are also stocking up more often, " said Neal Heffernan, senior VP, shopper & retail strategy, GfK. "The average person makes 11.9 stock-up shopping trips per year – meaning they are spending a minimum of $75 per basket – while heavy digital coupon users make more than triple that number, with 37.5 stock-up shopping trips annually.”

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