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Report: Google looking to launch “buy” button to take on Amazon


Google could be preparing to take on with its own unique e-commerce solution.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is developing a “buy now” button that would be embedded right into results pages within the search engine.

The inclusion of a “buy now” button in search results would allow searchers to put the item in a shopping cart immediately and check out with a single click (similar to Amazon’s one-click ordering feature). The Google “buy now” button would allow the company to keep potential customers on its pages longer and give them a quick way of shopping online.

According to the newspaper, Google wouldn’t be the one doing the actual selling; orders would be fulfilled through third-party retailers.

Google is also reportedly looking into an Amazon Prime-like service that would offer shoppers free or discounted shipping with select retailers for a yearly fee.

The possibility of a Google “buy now” button comes as other online services look into similar features.

Twitter started testing a “buy now” button on its mobile app in September and users have reported seeing the button as far back as June.
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