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Report: Giant Food expands handheld self-checkout


Landover, Pa. Following the lead of its sister chain Stop & Shop, Giant Food is expanding the use of mobile handheld self-scanning devices across more stores.

The chain began testing the units, developed by Quincy, Mass.-based Modiv Media and Holtsville, N.Y.-based Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions, in the fall. Currently, 60 of the chain’s 182 stores feature the technology, according to an article in the Washington Post.

Shoppers scan their loyalty card at a dedicated rack that houses the handheld scanner. After their card is authorized, shoppers choose their device.

Besides tracking orders and electronically ringing up items as they are scanned, the scanners also offer personalized promotions based on shoppers’ purchase history. Shoppers pay for purchases and bag their orders at a dedicated self-checkout lane.

Each store features approximately 48 mobile scanners, according to the article.

Quincy, Mass.-based Stop & Shop set the tone for the project. The company, which has been testing the technology in select stores since last year, now uses the technology in 250 stores, according to Motorola.

Between the two chains, the scanners process approximately 1 million transactions each month, the article reported. Both chains are part of the Ahold U.S.A. family.

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