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Report: GameStop bids on RadioShack leases


GameStop is trying to boost the number of its stores by bidding on 163 leases from RadioShack Corp, according to Bloomberg.

The news service reports that Spring Communications, the wireless unit of GameStop, submitted and won a significant bid for the leases.

“Managing real estate has always been one of our strengths and while it is still early in the process to offer further detail, if awarded these leases the locations would be primarily used to expand the retail footprint of our Spring Mobile business, which is an exclusive AT&T dealer,” Joey Mooring, a spokesman for GameStop, said in an e-mail to Bloomberg.

RadioShack, which filed for bankruptcy on Feb. 5, is in the process of closing almost half of its stores. Two separate auctions are in the works. Individual leases for stores that are closing or have closed are being sold. Then, a big chunk of RadioShack will be auctioned in March.

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