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Report: Consumer Interest in Green Products Up Despite Economy


Collingswood, N.J. Consumer interest in buying green eco-friendly products and healthy organic food remains high despite the tough economy and rising food and energy prices, according to a recent market-research survey released by Mambo Sprouts Marketing.

The research showed that consumers are placing a priority on buying green and two in three or more are using coupons, stocking up on sales and cooking meals at home to stretch their grocery dollars.

Even with the slumping economy and rising food and energy prices, about nine in 10 (88%) consumers reported buying the same (52%) or more (36%) green environmentally friendly products compared to six months ago. About seven in 10 consumers are still willing to spend up to 20% more for "green" sustainable products.

Only one in six (17%) respondents reported buying fewer natural and organic foods, as individual comments suggested that short-term savings would have long-term costs to their family's health and the environment.

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