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Report: Boxed to create robotics-run warehouse


While some industry observers fear that robots will replace retail workers, Boxed is embracing the technology.

The online retailer, which sells consumer packaged goods in bulk, announced on Thursday, April 27, that it will completely automate its fulfillment center in Union, New Jersey, with robotics — a move that will contribute to driving reliable profits, according to Business Insider.

Boxed’s facility will feature a three-story, 80-ft.-long command module that will handle all of the operations typically performed by human hands, according to the report.

Boxed’s CEO Chieh Huang told Business Insider, “robots are less expensive to ‘hire,’ they don't take sick days, and in a three-story fulfillment center, they don't have any safety risks the way people do.”

But Huang isn’t turning his back on his employees. Existing associates — many who hold temp positions — will be retrained to perform new tasks, including servicing conveyor belts, troubleshooting software, or customer service. These associates will also receive increase their pay by an average of 13%, the report said.

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