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Report: Another retailer powers up same-day delivery


A major national retailer is the latest chain to start offering same-day delivery in a large metropolitan area.

According to Re/code, Best Buy is partnering with third-party delivery service Deliv to offer customers in the San Francisco area, including San Jose, same-day delivery of online orders. The official rollout follows a recent pilot of the service Best Buy conducted with Deliv in the greater San Francisco area.

The fee will be the same as Best Buy charges for express delivery, which typically takes one day and varies by order. is of course the leading provider of same-day online deliveries, and has the advantage of being able to offer them across a wide range of product categories. But retailers from Whole Foods to Etsy to Kohl’s are now engaged in same-day delivery efforts. Assisting these retailers are third-party services like Deliv and Instacart, as well as shared transportation providers like Uber.

Same-day delivery allows customers to enjoy the convenience of e-commerce with close to the immediacy of in-store retailing. Depending on how far a consumer is from a certain store and how quickly the product is delivered, it could even prove more timely.

Especially in a tech-centric area like greater San Francisco (essentially Silicon Valley), there is demand for easy access to technology products fast. Best Buy is the latest big player to fully dive into same-day delivery, but won’t be the last.

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