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Ralphs offers bonuses for refunds, stimulus checks


CINCINNATI Ralphs joined the ranks of retailers offering rewards for consumers' tax refund or economic stimulus check money.

The retailer announced that starting today, customers can receive free groceries through a gift card program available exclusively in stores that allows them to exchange their checks for a Ralphs gift card with a $30, $60 or $120 bonus. The bonuses correspond to payment amounts.

"Grocery bills represent a significant expenditure for the average American family," stated Mike Donnelly, president of Ralphs Supermarkets. "In fact, the average family of four spends between $105 and $235 per week on food purchased at a store and prepared at home.

"Ralphs' program allows our customers to stretch their grocery dollars further," he continued. "We are excited about the opportunity to touch the lives of millions of families across the country by helping them extend their household budgets through this special program."

The program will extend from May 2 to July 31 at Ralphs stores throughout Southern California and is limited to one offer per household up to $1,200.

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