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RadioShack may test mobile phone stores


NEW YORK A Deutsche Bank analyst says RadioShack may begin testing a high-end, mobile phone store format this fall. In a company alert published July 17, Michael Baker of Deutsche Bank said, “our source indicates that RSH is building three test stores to open by October and then will hope to have 10 by the year's end, 150 in the next 12 months and 400 in three years, if successful.”

He also said that RadioShack, “is targeting higher-end, non-mall real estate, so existing stores may not be suitable for conversion, despite a similar square footage.” Baker added that his source believes the stores will, “replicate the look and feel of Apple Stores and that RSH has hired the same group that designed those locations,” and that the stores, “may have access to brands not currently found in RSH stores, including T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.”

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