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Proximity based promotions give shoppers supply chain visibility


An agreement between Mobiquity Networks and personal shopping concierge service ShopAdvisor is giving retailers intriguing new options to drive sales by serving offers to shoppers predisposed to purchase certain products.

Through the agreement between Mobiquity Networks and ShopAdvisor, the two million users of ShopAdvisor's app will know when they are physically close to retailers carrying their favorite products. They will be able to receive current price and offer details and be alerted if there is an offer in proximity for a product that is similar to something for which they've shown a preference, according to a statement from the companies.

"The (partnership) will provide our mobile users with greater opportunities to access promotions and offers on products they love within their local area," said Scott Cooper, founder and CEO of ShopAdvisor. "The combination of the user preference information provided by ShopAdvisor and the reach and proximity information provided by the Mobiquity Technologies network will provide brands and retailers the opportunity to better engage with potential shoppers."

ShopAdvisor is a digital personal shopping concierge for consumers that provides information on more than 200 million products offered at 16,000 retailers. Those who download the app are able to be advised when and where to shop with real time alerts provided when a price drops.

Mobiquity operates a consumer-focused proximity network that leverages beacon technology that brands use to execute personalized and contextually relevant experiences at 220 shopping malls.

"The combination of proximity and preference is powerful. We believe ShopAdvisor mobile users will benefit with relevant local offers and information," said Dean Julia, Co-CEO for Mobiquity Networks.

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