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Privalia boosts flash sales business with IBM Smarter Commerce


Armonk, N.Y. -- Online fashion retailer Privalia said Friday it is working with IBM to boost its expanding online sales business through mobile and social channels.

Privalia organizes online flash sales, a phenomena that offers personalized, limited-time offers to consumers at attractive prices.

Privalia is using software from IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative to connect with the growing marketplace of digital consumers who prefer to buy across online, mobile and social channels. The IBM software provides intelligent automation of marketing, sales, customer service and procurement.

Privalia organizes short, single-brand campaigns lasting between three to five days. According to Lucas Carné, Privalia’s co-founder” “For a technological investment of near two million euros, it was crucial to find a multichannel solution that gives us the maximum modularity and enables us to continue innovating, a key to our success. Being able to work with a trusted partner such as IBM was critical to our decision."

The flash sales model that Privalia represents is helping smaller retailers gain a competitive edge while appearing more exclusive. For a limited time, boutique items at special discount prices are displayed on the website. This can be a more effective sales method than conventional websites that may be viewed as cheapening a brand’s value or in the case of brick-and-mortar stores, where a lesser-known company is lumped in with major, household names.

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