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Portable water purifier to be distributed by Eco Depot


Eco Depot has signed a letter of intent with Water Technology Development to distribute a new portable water purification device called the WaterGizzi. Eco Depot plans to market the product as part of its eco-friendly product line, which also includes the Click and Pour and the recently acquired WaterGeeks filtration brand.

WaterGizzi weighs only a few ounces and fits into the palm of your hand, the company said. It has the ability to function as an in-line filter for sports water bottles or hydration bladders, or can be used on its own to drink from any freshwater source. It requires no pumping or mechanical power to effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bi-products, bacteria and other potentially harmful contaminants. is set to produce a DRTV ad campaign featuring the product in foreign travel, outdoor recreation and emergency preparation in addition to daily replacement for additional bottled water.

Eco Depot was formerly an "eco-lighting" distributor but is in the development stage of transitioning into a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly consumer products.

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