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Planar announces Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System


Beaverton, Ore. Planar Systems, a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today introduced its Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System that supports mission-critical operation and requires minimal installation space, making it ideal for use in public venue or control room video walls.

By combining streamlined, narrow-bezel LCD panels, a unique mounting system, centralized outboard electronics and simplified configuration and management software, the Clarity Matrix system is designed to make the most of LCD technology’s slim profile and vibrant visual performance while easing the difficulties in achieving perfect alignment, optimal cooling, simplified service and extended operation. Providing outstanding tiled visual performance and uninterrupted operation through exclusive features, the Clarity Matrix supports the company’s strategy to deliver innovative specialty display solutions.

Planar will unveil its Clarity Matrix LCD video wall at this year’s InfoComm in Orlando, Fla., June 17-19 (Booth #3149). The Clarity Matrix incorporates 46” commercial-grade LCD panels that tile together with only a 7.3mm image-to-image gap. The Matrix’s LCD “blade” module -- unique within the control room and digital signage industry weighs less, generates less heat, aligns precisely, services easily, and is less susceptible to “in-wall” failures compared with traditional LCD display designs.

The Clarity Matrix Video Wall System incorporates the Clarity EasyAxis mount system, which combined with the LCD module, results in a video wall measuring a mere 4.5 in. in depth, screen to wall -- ideal for space-constrained security monitoring centers and broadcast control rooms. The LCD modules include EasyAxis adjustment cams allowing six-axis fine-grain alignment and perfect LCD module positioning in any array. The Clarity EasyAxis mounting system supports landscape and portrait orientation, freestanding wall deployment and flying wall applications. Because the panels are self-supporting, Clarity Matrix can support unlimited stacking height. The mounting system also incorporates a unique service mode that allows for in-place front-access service for any panel in the wall regardless of location.

Designed for continuous operation, which ultimately lowers total cost of ownership, the Clarity Matrix Video Wall System features off-board rack-mount electronics and power supplies to decrease the heat load that can rapidly degrade LCD panels and increase the risk of temporary image retention. With fewer components operating behind the LCD modules, Planar has significantly reduced the risk of in-wall failures and the associated disruption to the wall. Centralized controller boards and power supplies also can be placed in a convenient location, in close proximity to video sources.

The Clarity Matrix Video Wall System is compatible with all leading image processors, including Planar’s Indisys. It incorporates Clarity Big Picture Plus built-in processing, which allows single sources to scale proportionally across all or a portion of the displays in the video wall, creating a single perfectly aligned image. Set-up assistance software, on-screen control menus and full serial management control are offered as standard features of the video wall system. 

The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System will be available later this year through Planar’s network of control room and digital signage resellers. For more information or to schedule a briefing at Planar's InfoComm booth (#3149), please contact Katherine Manning at (213) 438-8788 or [email protected], or visit

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