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Pizza Hut’s newest ordering device: old-school high tops


There’s a new sneaker on the scene that promises to make a slam dunk — albeit not on the basketball court.

Called “Pie Tops,” Pizza Hut’s new white-and-red trimmed kicks are more than a functional sneaker. Featuring geolocation technology that links to an app (separate from the chain’s mobile app), users can order a large two-topping pizza just by pressing a button embedded in the shoe’s tongue, according to Pizza Hut’s new 30-second commercial featuring retired NBA player, Grant Hill.

The limited-edition shoes, designed by “Shoe Surgeon” Dominic Chambrone, and ad were developed to coincide with the hype of the upcoming NCAA March Madness Tournament. To further fuel the excitement, Pizza Hut only released 64 pairs of sneakers to match the 64 teams competing in March Madness.

While most of the trainers will be reserved for influencers and people in the media, who can amplify the message, Pizza Hut may reward fans with some pairs, as well, according to AdWeek.

David Daniels, VP of media and advertising for the chain, said in the AdWeek report, “This is one of those ideas that as soon as we saw it, we wanted to buy it. It hit everything we wanted to communicate in this window in a fun, really relevant way. And it was beautifully tied to the thematic of the tournament and the season.”

The sneaker is the latest innovation within the pizza giant’s expanding digital ordering strategy. Besides enabling guests to order meals online, via mobile, even through a conversational ordering chatbot, the sneaker is expected to further bolster Pizza Hut’s mobile ordering strategy, which already accounts for 70% of the chain’s online sales, according to Business Insider.

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