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Pinterest promotes social commerce value


Pinterest is adding a new feature to its Buyable Pins in-app purchase mechanism aimed at price-conscious shoppers.

Now whenever a buyable pin that a user has saved on their Pinterest board drops in price, Pinterest will send a notification that allows purchase right from the Pinterest app. Currently Pinterest offers more than 10,000 brands through the Buyable Pins feature and says there are more than 1 million buyable pins with reduced prices every day.

Pinterest has been steadily increasing the accessibility and features of Buyable Pins since first introducing it in July. Upgrades have included adding support for a number of major e-commerce platforms, as well as rolling it out for Android devices. In addition, other recently added features like visual search and Pinterest Shop curated product assortments mesh nicely with Buyable Pins.

This latest enhancement helps keep Buyable Pins at the top of consumers’ minds and should help boost conversion rates. It also gives participating retailers more reason to offers sales, discounts and promotions.

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