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PetSmart moves to improve shopping experience across all channels


The largest specialty pet supplies retailer in North America is launching a digital initiative to become more customer-focused — and data-driven.

PetSmart has selected Cognizant’s customer data foundation initiative to utilize master and analytics-driven demographic, behavioral, interactional and transactional data to create custom profiles of pets and "pet parents" who visit PetSmart at its stores, online and through its mobile app.

The initiative centers on building an integrated, single view of customers and their pets to enhance PetSmart's ability to provide its customers more consistent and relevant products and services, an improved brand experience and more personalized communications and engagement.

Using Cognizant’s “MDM-in-a-box” solution with pre-built, industry-specific data models and other features, PetSmart will be empowered with better decision making by integrating operational store, campaign and other data to provide a single view of the entire data landscape. These insights will help PetSmart enhance customer experience across a range of areas, including product and service innovation, store design, as well as customer communications, engagement and loyalty.

Over the longer term, PetSmart expects to provide more of this information directly to in-store associates to enhance customer interactions, while also enabling a digital ecosystem focused on pets and their well-being.

"Our work with Cognizant is key to PetSmart's strategy to become a more customer-focused and data-driven enterprise,” said Brent Cooke, VP, CRM, consumer insights and loyalty at PetSmart. “By investing in innovative core technology, we are able to better listen to, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of our pet parents and their pets to expertly serve their needs and provide the convenience they seek."

PetSmart operate 1,466 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
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