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PetSmart launches protein bar for dogs


PetSmart has become the first pet retailer to ink a deal with the founder of one of the newest and most exciting innovations for dogs: meal replacement bars.

The specialty pet store announced it will carry TurboPUP portable meal bars for dogs in more than 900 PetSmart stores across the U.S. and Canada this year.Last week the founder of TurboPUP bars appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank with the news of her exclusive, national retail deal with the retailer.

“Kristina’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work creating TurboPUP is the true definition of innovation,” said Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer at PetSmart. “We love pets and know they make us better people, and we always want to deliver new solutions to help pet parents take better care of their pets, as well as to support the range of pet lifestyles out there. So many people are now always on-the-go with their pups, and TurboPUP bars are the ideal portable food solution for those weekend warriors out with their dogs whether camping, hiking or spending a day at the dog park or mall.”

Guerrero’s big idea for a lightweight canine meal replacement bar was sparked by a backcountry ski trip with her dog Dunkan five years ago. Realizing he was as hungry as she was, she fed him her own provision even though she knew the food was lacking in proper canine nutrition. The experience fueled her quest to find suitable travel food for Dunkan, but she came up empty handed and decided to create TurboPUP – a premium, compact and “Complete K9 Meal Bar” to help sustain a dog’s energy level.

Guerrero headed to the kitchen, and with the help of her food-scientist husband, found the perfect recipe using grain-free, all-natural, human-grade ingredients. TurboPUP bars are a complete meal replacement solution and formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients dogs require in every stage of life.

TurboPUP meal bars are manufactured at a facility in Oregon and use American-sourced, human-grade ingredients. These all-natural, high-protein and grain-free bars are perfect for pet parents who get out with their dogs. The compact, lightweight meal bars come in two canine-favorite flavors: peanut butter and bacon.

"I'm thrilled TurboPUP is going to be in PetSmart stores. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to offer TurboPUP bars to dog owners and dogs across the country," said Guerrero, TurboPUP Founder and CEO.

Guerrero, a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran, first appeared on Shark Tank in Jan. of 2015 where she walked away with a $100,000 investment from Shark Tank’s Daymond John. The funds helped her kick-start TurboPUP with manufacturing, distribution and expansion plans for the TurboPUP line.

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