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Pep Boys selects LogicSource for sourcing and procurement services


Norwalk, Conn. -- LogicSource, a leading sourcing and procurement services firm, announced a multi-year partnership with Pep Boys. LogicSource will provide on-site resources and access to shared service subject matter experts, optimizing Pep Boys’ strategic sourcing and procurement processes and reducing Pep Boys’ costs and time to market.

The process improvements and costs savings will support Pep Boys’ “Road Ahead” expansion strategy.

“LogicSource proved its value immediately by doing the in-depth analytical work up front, providing Pep Boys with a readily deployable solution before we paid a dime,” said Mike Odell, Pep Boys’ president and CEO. “Their invaluable expertise in sourcing and procurement, combined with their considerable leverage with suppliers in our target categories, is vital to optimizing our ‘Road Ahead’ marketing and retail operations, and enables Pep Boys to remain focused on our core competencies.”

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