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Patriots fans outspend Seahawks fans


San Luis Obispo – In what could be a preview of Sunday’s Super Bowl performance, Patriots fans have been outselling Seahawks fans overall in the month of January by 258%. According to data from Shopatron, although in total Patriots fans have spent more, individually their Seahawks counterparts have been more zealous, spending an average of 15% more than Patriots fans on each individual order.

For both teams, there was a huge boost in merchandise sales during the third week of January, with the highest sales day for both teams being Jan. 19, the day after Super Bowl teams became official. On Jan.19, the Patriots sold 537% more merchandise than the running average for the month of January.On the same day, the Seahawks sold 322% more merchandise than the running average for the month of January.

During the season (September to present), merchandise sales from the Patriots have been growing at a rate of 63% per month. Merchandise sales from the Seahawks have been growing at a rate of 51% a month.

Although both teams' average revenue-per-month in merchandise sales has been growing tremendously during the course of the season, the Patriots average revenue per day actually fell by 19% between December and January. However, this deflation clearly is a trivial issue when the whole picture is examined. Conversely, the Seahawks average revenue per day in merchandise sales jumped up 29% during the same period.

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