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Pathmark peps up its online site


CARTERET, N.J. Pathmark and Giant Foods of Canada have agreed to enhance their Web sites with tools from software and content provider ‘Grocery Shopping Network’ (GSN)’, according to reports.

The solution enables the retailers to provide their customers with online time and money-saving features such as the ability to view circular ads and in-store promotions. It also allows customers to build, print and save grocery lists as well as retrieve and print manufacturer and store coupons. In addition, customers can browse more than 64,000 recipes and 160 cooking videos.

GSN has previously implemented its program with several regional grocers in the US, including California-based Save Mart, Virginia-based Ukrop's and Wisconsin-based Festival Foods. In each case, retailers have reported high levels of customer participation and significant increases in sales, according to GSN.

With the addition of all Pathmark stores and Giant Foods, GSN-supported Web sites will serve more than 1,000 stores across the country with the potential of reaching more than 10 million households.

Pathmark is due to be acquired by Tengelmann’s A&P.

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