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Panasonic introduces new bread maker


SECAUCUS, N.J. -- Panasonic has introduced a new bread maker that makes it easier to make raisin, nut and other more complicated breads. According to a company press release the SD-RD250 Bread Maker features a new raisin/dried fruit/nut dispenser, which allows for the ingredients to be added at the beginning of the baking process and conveniently dispersed evenly at the optimum time, during the bread-baking process. The new dispenser, which holds approximately 5.3 ounces, is removable for easy washing.

The SD-RD250 mixes, kneads, rises, and bakes bread in two loaf sizes – either medium or extra large – while also offering crust color control with light and dark options. There are four different baking modes and two dough modes, giving options for different breads and various types of dough.

"Panasonic's new bread maker makes it even easier to bake delicious breads at home, giving the user even more versatility with several baking modes, including pizza dough, pasta or options for whole wheat," said David Williams, Marketing Manager, Home Appliances Group, Panasonic Home & Health Company. "The SD-RD250 features a new dispenser, so that healthy ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, seeds and raisins, can easily and evenly be added, bringing additional flavors and nutrients to homemade bread."

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