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Paid in Full


Logic dictates that the easier it is for customers to pay for goods, the more likely they are to purchase them. Long lines, fumbling for cash or a payment card, and even the simple act of waiting for an associate to ring up a sale at a traditional fixed POS terminal are all impediments to converting sales from busy and distracted consumers.

In response, a number of retailers have recently leveraged a variety of leading-edge payment technologies to make the last, and arguably most crucial, step in the consumer’s “path to purchase” as streamlined and convenient as possible. Here are just a few examples of where retailers are taking the execution and processing of payments.

J.Crew Lets Customers Open Digital Wallets

J.Crew customers can take advantage of MasterPass at checkout, a digital wallet service from MasterCard that enables shoppers to use any payment card or enabled device to unlock a simplified and speedier checkout experience at any location.

With MasterPass, shoppers can pay for purchases through the click of a mouse, touch of a tablet or tap of a smartphone. The wallet securely stores shoppers’ preferred payment and shipping information, which is readily accessible when they click on the “Buy with MasterPass” button and log into their account.

Homeland Stores Hears Payment Opportunity

Homeland Stores, a 78-store regional supermarket chain headquartered in Oklahoma City, has successfully completed a mobile payments pilot program with mobile payments technology provider DoubleBeam. Launched in June of this year, Homeland’s SwiftScan mobile application allows customers to pay for purchases with a smartphone.

Once downloaded, customers can activate the payment option by taking a picture of a check and a photo ID. At the register, customers can then pay for purchases by scanning a QR code, and selecting the payment option.

Chili’s Brings Checkout to the Table

Chili’s Grill & Bar will bring tabletop tablets from Ziosk to all company-owned restaurants nationwide by the first half of 2014. With the primary purpose of enhancing the guest experience, the Ziosk 7-in. tablet will be displayed on each table in the restaurant, giving patrons the ability to interactively peruse menu items and specials, as well as order beverages and desserts.

In addition, customers can use the tablets to play games together, share their real-time feedback with the brand and pay the check right at the table.

Harris-Teeter Takes Mobile Wallets on the Road

In a pilot at its Matthews, N.C., store, Harris Teeter is exploring the potential of mobile wallets by using Paydiant’s white label mobile wallet solution as part of its Express Lane online shopping service. Express Lane customers can use the Harris Teeter mobile wallet solution called “HT Express Pay” to pay for groceries ordered online from within their vehicle at Express Lane curbside pick-up locations.

Once the Harris Teeter mobile wallet app is downloaded to the customer’s iPhone or Android smartphone and payment cards are linked to the wallet, the customer will simply scan a QR code presented to them on a Verifone handheld POS device and use the mobile wallet to choose which of their major credit cards to use to complete the transaction, tap the “pay” button, and have a digital receipt automatically sent to their mobile device.

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