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PacSun partners with Lyons to roll out Demandware platform


Chicago -- PacSun announced Monday it has partnered with Lyons Consulting Group to upgrade its e-commerce and mobile sites. PacSun said it had outgrown its previous platform and needed a more scalable solution in order to support its growth and provide the shopping capabilities that their shoppers have come to expect.

Lyons Consulting Group migrated the site onto the more robust Demandware platform and added several custom features, including 13 third-party integrations such as Gigya Social Sign in and Visa V.Me. Through this process, Lyons produced a more flexible front-end, improved content manageability; all while creating a fun, engaging, and intuitive shopping experience when browsing either the ecommerce or mobile sites.

In addition to updating its online presence, PacSun improved its in-store presence as well. Lyons Consulting Group created a customized iPad website that allows sales associates in the stores to purchase merchandise for customers when the desired product is not available in the store.

"Because our target demographic is extremely tech-savvy, our ecommerce and mobile channels are critical to our overall business strategy," said Mondy Beller , VP e-commerce, PacSun.

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