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Outdoor gear rental platform teams up with reservation provider

Arrive is now offering outdoor enthusiasts online gear rental services the moment they book a campsite or cabin.

In a new partnership with, an online portal operated by Aspira for searching and booking outdoor rental options, Arrive (formerly Coozie Outdoors) provides access to premium outdoor gear to match the experience. When someone books a campground on, there will be opportunities to rent gear via Arrive.

Along with offering gear to rent, the Arrive team can support campers and provide recommendations on gear, share ideas for meals at camp, and more. Arrive’s platform features over 100 products from over 40 brands. Arrive works directly with premium outdoor gear brands and offers the gear for rent on the platform.

"As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we started Arrive to give consumers the best possible gear without having to worry about astronomical costs and inconvenient storage,” said Arrive co-founder Rachelle Snyder. “We’re proud to foster a more sustainable outdoor industry by providing access to gear in a way that is less wasteful, more convenient, and comes with the same high standards of ownership. This exciting collaboration with was a natural next step to expand the experience-driven industry.”

“We are excited to offer direct access to renting camping gear from top brands through Arrive,” said Mark Trivette, CEO of Aspira. “Once a consumer makes a reservation for the next outdoor adventure, their next step is to secure the needed gear. Arrive makes that process easier and more affordable.”
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