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Osram Sylvania Adds to CAPSYLITE Family of Halogen Lamps


Danvers, Mass.-based Osram Sylvania has introduced a new addition to its CAPSYLITE family of halogen lamps.

The CAPSYLITE e-PRO offers:

  • Electronic. The innovative rocket-shaped circuit board enables the lamp to produce 35% more lumens and last 80% longer than a similar wattage halogen PAR lamp.
  • Energy Savings. Using a 35-watt lamp in place of a 50-watt lamp provides a 30% energy savings with nearly the same lumen output.
  • Environment. CAPSYLITE e-PRO lamps are lead-free, last longer and consume less energy than the halogen lamps they replace.
  • Eye-catching. Color temperature is 100 Kelvin (K) higher than similar wattage standard halogen lamps.
  • Compared to its predecessors, the CAPSYLITE e-PRO with a 30% increase in lumens per watt and superior beam control. The CAPSYLITE e-PRO also has a 4,500-hour lamp life, which is 80% longer than standard halogen PAR lamps.

    It is designed to highlight merchandise, and for floor, accent and display lighting. Its bright white light brings out colors and helps merchandise look its best.

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